Tesla Model Y spied at Mahindra Pune Testing Facility hinting an upcoming launch

August 19th, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen! The wait is over. The former world’s biggest Automotive brand Tesla has finally made its way to the Indian shore. The most anticipated car manufacturer has finally stepped on the Indian soil.

One of our beloved carversal Pro’s sent us a stunning spy shot of a Tesla Model Y being parked inside the Mahindra’s Test Facility from Pune. Thus, pointing towards an enormous amount of positive possibilities and questions, let’s talk about them all.

Tesla will enter the Indian Market very soon!

Tesla had been figuring out when to enter one of the biggest Automotive markets of the world, India. This decision was being made for the past 5 - 6 years now, but due to high Import taxes and the Government’s requisites of building a Tesla manufacturing plant in India and not importing from China, Tesla rejected this plan. 

Though for the past one year, Tesla had again raised the talks of entering the Indian market by accepting the Indian Government’s demands of building a Tesla manufacturing plant in India. And finally, we can jump here & there with happiness, as these spy shots clearly indicate that Tesla is going to enter the market very soon.

Tesla Model Y will be Tesla's first car for India

With respect to these spy shots, we can confirm that Tesla will be commencing its Indian business by launching its Model Y in the Indian market.

The Model Y is one of Tesla’s most popular electric SUVs. In terms of its design, it is based on the Model 3. Model Y is a 5-seater SUV. It is a very spacious car from inside. It packs a combination of practicality and performance altogether, which makes it a good buy too.

Onto the Spy shots 

2023 Tesla Model Y official india launch price review

In the Spy shots, the Tesla Model Y Dual Motors version is Cleary seen in the Mahindra's Test Facility parked alongside the XUV700, the Tesla is finished in Grey color and is the mid-spec dual motor version.

2023 Tesla Model Y Dual Motors official india launch price interior exterior

In the next spy shot the front of the vehicle is visible with the rear walls having Mahindra XUV700 wallpapers confirming it to be on the Indian shores.

2023 Tesla Model Y India testing official

Coming to its design - it is based on Model 3, as said. It has a very Tesla-like clean and proportionally flowing design language. The front has a typical Tesla affair, as it gets a completely closed grille with minimal design elements. The side of the car is long and stands tall with good enough height. It runs on 19-inch wheels as standard, though it also gets an option of 21-inch wheels abroad, but the India spec model will not be getting it. The rear of the car is tall, as the rear roof design has been crafted like a Coupe design.


The interior spy shots confirm it to be a right-hand driver version with the steering on the right, The interior is finished in all black with wooden finish on the dash, and from the windshield two white XUV700s are visible with Indian workers.

2023 Tesla Model Y Dual Motors official india launch price interior exterior

The Interior of the car, like all other Teslas, is simple. It has got just one screen on the dashboard which contains everything, then be it - the driver’s Information, the Infotainment screen’s gimmicks, etc. It also gets a feature of voice assistant, using which you can literally open the Glove Box too, that’s insane! The dashboard materials are rich and of good quality and they had to be as there is just one screen covering the dashboard, so ultimately, almost all of the dashboard is exposed.

Luggage Space

The luggage space is a talking point as it already packs a lot in its interior, but it also gets two outer luggage spaces, one is our traditional boot space which is a king-size 854 liters, and not only this it also gets a frunk which can contain 117 liters of space. So Indians, Tesla is the way to go!


It packs a 70 kWh battery pack which produces 384hp and an overall driving range of 510kms. It also gets a performance-oriented version that produces 450hp, but the India launch chances for the performance-oriented variant are less, mostly we will get the 384hp variant only. 

It gets a Dual Motor setup that powers all four wheels, and by this, we can also assume that it would be a decently good off-roader. 

It also packs Tesla’s Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) for the Driver’s help.

Why Tesla in Mahindra's Testing Facility

This Tesla is in Mahindra's Pune testing facility as it offers optimal driving conditions for the Indian terrain and also has a wide range of testing fields to test various capabilities of a car which makes it a first choice for car-makers to test their cars in India before full on road camouflage testing 

When will Tesla Model Y launch?

We assume that it could get launched between Quarter 2 (Q2) and Quarter 3 (Q3) of 2024. Tesla would need this much amount of time for the least to set up all the essentials on Indian ground.

What will be Tesla Model Y's price?

The price of the Tesla Model Y according to our expectations would be ₹55 lakhs Ex-Showroom India for the base variant (If launched in multiple variants).